Milky Way Lamp

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Have the universe on display in your own home with our spectacular Milky Way Lamp!

Our Milky Way Lamp displays the magnificent beauty of our galaxy, providing a unique and out-of-this-world experience. The perfect home decoration gift is a unique treat for all lovers of space!

Inside this beautiful crystal globe is a laser engraved 3D design of the Milky Way based on NASA imagery! It makes the perfect addition to your bedroom, office, or anywhere in your home!

Each Galaxy Globe is made with our custom 3D laser engraving process. By utilizing extremely precise lasers we are able to perfectly mimic our own home galaxy. The design is made according to NASA  images to  accurately reproduce the structure of the Milky Way. Each Milky Way Lamp also comes with a LED base that changes colors to add even more magic to your home.

Feel the presence of the galaxy and mesmerize anyone who enters your home with the Milky Way Lamp!