Moon Lamp

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Meticulously crafted using high quality NASA satellite images, our incredibly detailed Moon Lamp makes for a stunning display piece that is sure to catch eyes & start many conversations.

LONG LASTING, RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: The Moon Lamp has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 10 hours.  The battery can be fully charged within an hour to take the Moon Lamp anywhere or simply plug it in for unlimited use!

THE PERFECT GIFT: The Moon Lamp makes the perfect gift for kids & adults alike. Transform your loved one's bedroom into a stunning planetarium with this enchanting & soothing piece of art.

The Moon Lamp is kid safe, chemical-free, and pet-friendly.  Designed and manufactured with eco-friendly materials, it's the perfect addition to any room.

Buying for young ones? Not a problem!

The LED's that light the lamp are highly efficient, producing little to no heat meaning that even the smallest and curious kids can enjoy and handle our Moon Lamp without risk!


  • 3D Printed Moon Lamp
  • USB Cable
  • Wood Base

BEWARE OF COPYCATS: Recently, there have been multiple websites claiming to offer replicated versions of our Moon Lamp. is the ONLY authorized distributor of the Moon Lamp.

These replicated models are produced using low quality materials known to cause poor performance and, in many cases, failure within just hours of use. Shopping with ensures that you receive the quality you expect, and the performance you most certainly deserve.